Documentation - Social Landing Plugin

Create a tiny landing page with links and share it in your social networks!


1. Install & Activate the Plugin

Once you download the plugin, install it as any other plugin and activate it.

Then go to Social Landing > License, put your license code and activate it.

Now you’ll get all the updates!

And right after activating, you get your landing up and running, like this:

But don’t worry, you can customize the URL later.

2. Add links!

Go to Appearance > Widgets and there you can see and new and shiny sidebar, that’s where you can add links with the new “Links” and “Image Link” widgets, plus, you can use the default text widget.

3. Customize

Now you can go to the Social Landing settings page, where you can set up colors, background, URL and more!.

4. Enjoy

There’s no extra step, enjoy your social landing.