About Social Landing

Social Landing is created by Jose Miguel Urdaneta.

I wanted a solution that worked out for me, and I wanted to help out some people  in the way.

I am a WordPress theme developer, I also run facilius.net, WordPress themes for small blogs.

When I found myself looking for a solution to create a simple landing page to share with users on Instagram, I figured out that the current solutions were mostly limited to 2:

External service

I didn’t want to bring traffic to others websites.

Plus, I didn’t like my profile showing other people website.

Normal page squeezed into mobile displays.

The other option was to create a landing page with a whole page builder, editing the page every time I wanted to add a link, and loading a lot of unnecessary scripts and CSS.

The solución

I wanted something simple and easy to use, I didn’t find one so, I created it.

A plugin that allows you to add links as sidebar Widgets.